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Twentieth-century translation comparisons

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Boris Pasternak (18901960)


Boris Dralyuk, review in Slavic and East European Journal 57.4 (2013): 680-82, comparing translations by Rudman (with Boychuk), Stallworthy and France, Falen, and Chandler

Vladimir Maiakovskii (1893–1930)


Erik McDonald, review in Slavic and East European Journal 63.3 (2019): 438–40, comparing translations by Wade, McGavran, Rottenberg, France, Womack, and others (no link)

Isaak Babel’ (18941940)

Одесские рассказы / Odessa Stories (published separately 1923-24, as a book 1931)

Robert Minto, “Passion Rules the World,” Open Letters Monthly, November 1st, 2o16, comparing translations by Peter Constantine and Boris Dralyuk

Andrei Platonov (1899–1951)

Котлован / The Foundation Pit (written 1930)

Clint Walker, review in Slavic and East European Journal 54.3 (2010): 534-35, comparing translations by Whitney and Chandler, Chandler, and Meerson

Daniil Kharms (1905–1942)

selected writings

Boris Dralyuk, review in Slavic and East European Journal 54.2 (2010): 379-81, comparing translations by Gibian, Cornwell, and Yankelevich (with Bernstein, Schneider, and Ostashevsky)

Varlam Shalamov (1907–1982)

Колымские рассказы / Kolyma Stories (written 1954–73, published in Russian 1966–78), also translated as Kolyma Tales

Steve Dodson (Languagehat), post comparing translations by Glad and Rayfield

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