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Velchaninov could not say for certain…

Velchaninov could not say for certain whether he had slept or not, but about an hour had now gone by, and suddenly he turned around again: whether it was some sort of rustling that had woken him up again, he could not have said either, but it seemed to him that amid the total darkness something was standing over him, something white, not yet reaching him, but already in the middle of the room.

Вельчанинов не мог бы сказать наверно, спал ли он или нет, но прошло уже с час — и вдруг он опять обернулся: шорох ли какой его опять разбудил — он тоже не знал, но ему показалось, что среди совершенной темноты что-то стояло над ним, белое, еще не доходя до него, но уже посредине комнаты.

[This is a quick translation of one sentence from Dostoevskii’s “The Eternal Husband” that I did myself because for reasons I can’t understand, Constance Garnett’s pre-1923 translation seems to still be under copyright, and someone apparently forced Wikisource, Google Books, Project Gutenberg et al. to take it down.]

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