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Recent Leskov translations

July 4, 2021

At least two new volumes of Leskov translations had been published since I last updated “Leskov in Russian and English, Story by Story” six years ago, so I’ve added them.

Previously published translations by William B. Edgerton (“The Steel Flea”) and Robert Chandler (“Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”) were reissued, and some of the most frequently translated stories (“The Sealed Angel,” “The Enchanted Wanderer,” “The Steel Flea”) now have one more translation.

But a few of Leskov’s later works that were, as far as I know, previously untranslated now exist in English: Maria K. has translated “Beautiful Aza” (Прекрасная Аза, 1888) and “Hermit Gerasim’s Lion” (Лев старца Герасима, 1888), called “The Beauteous Aza” and “The Elder Jerome’s Lion” in Hugh McLean’s 1977 monograph on Leskov. And Donald Rayfield has translated “The Unmercenary Engineers” (Инженеры-бессребреники, 1887) and “The Innocent Prudentius” (Невинный Пруденций, 1891).

Thanks to Angus of Mostly about Stories, there is also an English translation of a fragment called “A Righteous Man” (Справедливый человек, written 1883–84, published 1958), known as “A Just Man” in McLean.

You can find links to the new books at the bottom of the updated Leskov post. And please let me know if you’re aware of any new or old Leskov translations that I’ve overlooked!

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