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The secret to international harmony

June 9, 2016

Subject: Rejoice, comrades!

From: Brave Kate

Hi, guys. It’s me, Kate, the only other person who retweets IDEOTV tweets. Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine! My father is a hard-core Putin supporter. He lives in a closed-off Russian military town where they deconstruct atomic submarines. It’s in the far north; they have aurora borealis and everything. In summer he comes down here to visit me and Mom and hug some trees. When I listen to podcasts in English, Dad looks at me as if I’m an NSA agent, or better yet, a personal ninja of Obama himself. He ignores it. Except one time, a name could be heard amongst all the Western propaganda he could not ignore. It was — you guessed it — Jay recommending Strugatskys’ Dead Mountaineer’s Inn. His mind was blown. Forever. Strugatskys are very popular here, and me and Dad are both huge fans. Apparently, one cannot be a deadbeat, brainwashed Western zombie and like Strugatskys. Gotta have half a brain for that at least, and isn’t that food for thought?

Godspeed, gentlemen!

P.S. Does the forgotten realm Centa’s a queen of miss her? I know I would.

P.P.S. Please excuse any mistakes. English is my third language.

That’s from the letters section at the end of an analysis of Night of the Crabs (1976) by Guy N. Smith on the wonderful podcast I Don’t Even Own a Television (=IDEOTV).

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