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A ray of light

May 14, 2016

…or rather Луч света, from Dobroliubov’s “A Ray of Light in the Kingdom of Darkness” (Луч света в темном царстве, 1860), is a blog I just found out about that started in fall 2015. It’s by Sarah Ruth Lorenz, who does research on Belinskii, the radical critics, and Dostoevskii, and it’s aimed mainly at people teaching and learning Russian. Most posts are news videos about current events, and they come with partial transcripts, accompanied by translations designed for someone who wants to understand the Russian syntax. I’ve added a link on the right. I think it’s wonderful Lorenz is willing to take materials she uses to teach language and offer them to other teachers or self-directed learners — I think that’s something that’s getting very easy to do, and I hope it will be increasingly common.

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