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Books of The Week

February 27, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to the nineteenth-century journal links in the right sidebar, but today you’ll find an entry for Книжки Недели (Books of The Week), a mostly literary monthly magazine that started out as a supplement to a newspaper called Неделя (The Week). The issues I’ve been able to link to so far are from the 1890s. If you browse the table of contents, you’ll see some very 1890s names (Avenarius, Fofanov, Bal’mont, Sluchevskii, Nadson, Solov’ev) and some names that go back half a century earlier (Goncharov, Polonskii, Aleksei Zhemchuzhnikov) and some familiar surnames that are the descendants of more famous people, like Gnedich’s great-nephew Petr Petrovich Gnedich (1855-1925) or A. A. Grigor’ev, the son of Apollon Aleksandrovich Grigor’ev. Zhemchuzhnikov, one of the creators of Koz’ma Prutkov, was born in the same year as Dostoevskii, Nekrasov, and Pisemskii, but outlived them all by 27 years or more.

As long as I was updating links on the right, I added a couple blogs that are in neither English nor Russian: Literatura Russa (Portuguese) and Rosja w literaturze (Polish). The Polish blog has several authors and can connect you to their individual book blogs.

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