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February 5, 2014
  • My last links post just missed Russian Dinosaur on Oliver Ready’s new translation of Crime and Punishment, or rather Ready’s introduction to it. It sounds like Ready has a lot to say about the effect Pisarev and Chernyshevskii had on the novel, but comes at them from a different angle than Joseph Frank.
  • When I read Karamzin I missed all the fun stuff about marmots, and even if I’d paid attention to that animal I wouldn’t have realized a сурок is a whistle pig.
  • It’s always sad to learn of a writer’s existence through an obituary. Regina Derieva (1949-2013) was a Russian poet who lived in Sweden from 1999 on. Donald Rayfield says “she has the ironic and curt observations of Anna Akhmatova, only ten times more acerbic, and she has the flow of similes and metaphors, inspired by extraordinary breadth of reading and of travels, of Josif Brodsky.”
  • Alan Shaw translated Derieva’s poem “I don’t feel at home where I am” and composed music for it. You can read and listen to it here (the audio worked for me with IE as my browser, but not with Chrome). The Russian original is the first poem here.
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  1. February 5, 2014 8:16 am

    I have a recipe somewhere for roast whistle pig. It goes well with whortleberry pie.

    I ain’t never tried it myself.

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