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“This good Puerto Rican girl is now going to light a candle to the Virgin to thank her for keeping one more of her students safe in Russia.”

August 22, 2013

B. Amarilis Lugo De Fabritz has an interesting post on the All the Russias’ Blog about what it’s like for a Latina Russian professor to advise African-American students about studying abroad in Russia. One tactic I hadn’t anticipated: have a black student first study intensive Russian in Vermont, then go abroad with white friends from that program.

On a possibly related note, it’s always seemed ironic to me that in my wife’s biologist colleagues I’ve met people from all over the world (India, Greece, Quebec, China, Poland, Colombia, France, Hungary, Panama, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Spain [including speakers of Catalan and Galician], Switzerland, the UK, Peru, Italy, Russia, someone who taught English in Jordan, and no doubt others), while the people I’ve met by following a cosmopolitan impulse and studying Russian have been from a narrower range of places (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Israel).

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