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Flash cards: clothing and cloth

July 20, 2013

Last year I recommended Quizlet to my students, and now I’m starting to use it myself. Specifically I started a set of flash cards for nineteenth-century clothing terms. Over time I plan to add to it and start other sets (there should be one on horses, carriages, and sleighs soon). I’m trying be pretty inclusive — it doesn’t have to be forgotten words I’ve never seen before — but to keep to words that are less common now, or mean something different. Also, it’s only words I actually come across in things I read. If you know any advanced Russian students who are comfortable with modern texts but haven’t read much from the 1800s, they may find it useful. (And even if they don’t, by the magic of the internet it’s at least as easy for me to collect these words on Quizlet as on my own hard drive.)

In the last year I’ve found I’m more interested in looking these things up. Maybe it’s reading Pisemskii – he seems to have more clothing and carriage descriptions, and less in the way of explicit description of characters’ internal states, philosophical musings by first- or third-person narrators, and perhaps even dialogue, than his contemporaries.

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