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“I still, mad as I am, love him!”

February 1, 2013

I didn’t even know who Iuliia Zhadovskaia (past posts) was until a couple years ago, and it was only this week I learned that some of her poems are pretty well known as songs. You can hear the poem below sung by Elena Obraztsova or Nina Isakova.

Я все еще его, безумная, люблю!
При имени его душа моя трепещет;
Тоска по-прежнему сжимает грудь мою,

И взор горячею слезой невольно блещет.

Я все еще его, безумная, люблю!
Отрада тихая мне душу проникает,
И радость ясная на сердце низлетает,

Когда я за него создателя молю.


Text from Obraztsova also sings songs from many other poets. Here is a page with Zhadovskaia’s poems by year, prose, and biography. I like the way that nothing in the poem above suggests that the addressee knows who the speaker is, but it’s not my favorite poem where the last line is about prayer and the beloved. (The poem at that last link was also set to music, by Rachmaninoff.)

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