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September 10, 2012
  • If Tolstoi wasn’t far back enough, Alexander Anichkin also connected Lomonosov to the Pussy Riot affair.
  • If Lomonosov isn’t long enough ago, Sean Guillory explores the comparison, explicitly made in court, of Pussy Riot to medieval skomorokhi.
  • For a book “on the dark side of quirky” that’s “not nearly as confusing or messy to read as it is to summarize,” see Lizok’s post on Dmitrii Lipskerov’s The Forty Years of Changzhuoe [40 лет Чанчжоэ, 1996].
  • Don’t miss Languagehat reading Karamzin (whom he quotes comparing himself to Laurence Sterne) and Zhukovskii’s prose (“I found myself actually eager to find out what came next, something that never happened with Karamzin”).
  • Russian Dinosaur attends the Tolstoi conference at Yasnaya Polyana and asks one of the co-organizers about Elif Batuman. Carol Apollonio apparently gave a paper comparing Constance Garnett to Pevear and Volokhonsky as translators of Tolstoi, which I hope will be online someday.
  • I think AA buries the lede here: the exciting thing is that Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay of the new Anna Karenina movie.
  • And this comparison is worth seeing (h/t Paul Krugman). Digby seems to read it as American conservatives making a point of borrowing Leninist methods.
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