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Journal TOCs on Викитека

April 11, 2012

As a graduate student in the aughts, I could use the internet for a million things, but I was also one of the last people who will ever discover the old “thick journals” via microfilm, microfiche, and microopaque readers. Google Books made it possible to read most of them from home. The digital versions weren’t as carefully catalogued as physical library copies, though, and they were hard to search for when I started this blog in early 2010.

When I started making links to the major journals in the Google collection, I thought it would be useful in the short term but suspected the internet would create a more elegant solution before I finished, and it has. It wasn’t the Google Books search getting radically better. It can be powerful, but I feel like I still have issues with old vs. new orthography in Russian, and with items Google has just not showing up in the search results for reasons I can’t explain. Probably some of it is me. But the way to catalogue these collections turns out to be by wiki.

These too are a work in progress, but they’re much better than anything I’ve found elsewhere for the purpose. A journal like Совремнник (The Contemporary) has a list of links to just about every digitally available issue, and most issues have links for every separate article, piece of fiction, or poem. Likewise for Москвитянин (The Muscovite). As of today Dostoevskii’s Время (Time) seems to have a complete set of links for 1861 and 1863 and early 1862. The first several years of Русское слово (The Russian Word) have been done. There are a lot of links but more to be done for Русский вестник (The Russian Herald) and Сын отечества (Son of the Fatherland). As you might expect there is good coverage of Отечественные записки (National Annals) and Библиотека для чтения (Library for Reading).

So far the wiki contributors don’t seem to have gotten to the populist journal Русское богатство (Russian Riches) or the Dostoevskii brothers’ second journal Эпоха (The Epoch). Their limited coverage of journals like Телескоп (Telescope) reflects how little is available online. Русский архив (Russian Archive) is, I believe, the only journal that has links on this blog but not, as of today, on I’ve put links to the appropriate wiki pages on my own pages of links, which I’ll leave up just in case, but will no longer update regularly. I recommend browsing at Викитека – it’s like a multivolume index with hyperlinks!

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