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Late Tolstoi

March 26, 2012

I’ve been taking a little break from reading about Lev Tolstoi lately, which means I haven’t read two articles from late 2011 that look excellent.

Ilya Kliger and Nasser Zakariya, according to the abstract, focus on “The Forged Coupon” (“Фальшивый купон,” 1880s-1904) and Resurrection (Воскресение, 1899) in “Poetics of Brotherhood: Organic and Mechanistic Narrative in Late Tolstoi.” As the title suggests, they’re interested in narratology. Kliger recently wrote about how Viacheslav Ivanov, Lev Pumpianskii, and Bakhtin understand Dostoevskii and tragedy.

That forms a little two-article cluster on “Late Tolstoi” with Lina Steiner’s “The Russian Aufklärer: Tolstoi in Search of Truth, Freedom and Immortality.” Steiner, again per the abstract, discusses how a whole range of German philosophers (Leibniz, Mendelssohn, Kant, Herder, Schleiermacher) affected Tolstoi’s “thinking about life, death, freedom, and immortality.” It looks like Herder is especially important.

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