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January 12, 2012

I missed the conference myself, but there’s a zoological summary by Russian Dinosaur that’s a pleasure to read, and further notes on the science fiction panels at Snail on the Slope. As always (even when I am able to go) there are many papers I wish I could have seen, from Emilia Bikbulatova Oswalt on how questions uttered by Russian learners of English may be perceived as reserved, indifferent, impolite, insistent, or rude because of “modified intonation contours,” to Martin P. Bidney on “heart excision” in Pushkin’s “The Prophet” and in an extra-Quranic story about Muhammed, to Sean D. Griffin on the strange Christ, estranged from God the Father, who appears in Rozanov’s writings from 1906-1910.

And, since I wasn’t blogging then, I’ll mention one of my favorite presentations ever, the most persuasive argument I’ve ever heard about Pushkin’s “The Queen of Spades,” from AATSEEL 2009: Douglas Clayton on Pushkin and Diderot’s “Les Bijoux indiscrets” (1748).

UPDATE: The talk I liked so much at AATSEEL 2009 turned into an article: J. Douglas Clayton, “‘The Queen of Spades’: A Seriously Intended Joke,” Pushkin Review 12-13 (2009-10): 1-15.

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