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Gasparov 54 (T4, the salon song/romance)

March 11, 2010

As we have seen, M. L. Gasparov’s history of Russian meter says that trochaic tetrameter was associated with four types of songs in the eighteenth century.  In the nineteenth century, the four types ceased to be considered separate genres, but trochaic tetrameter continued to be associated with the themes relevant to them.  The last post had links to Gasparov’s examples for the nineteenth-century poems thematically connected to the eighteenth-century Anacreontic song, and below are links to those for the second of the four types, the “salon” song.  What had been the sentimental salon song evolved into the Romantic romance [романтический высокий романс].  A subcategory of this type was trochaic tetrameter with alternating dactylic and masculine rhyme, called elegiac by Gasparov.


«Желание» (1811)
«Пловец» («Вихрем бедствия гонимый…») (1812)

«Ах, почто за меч воинственный…» (end of Act IV, scene 1, of Орлеанская дева [1817-21], with alternating dactylic and masculine rhymes)


«Венецианская ночь» (1825)


«Талисман» (1827)


«Из страны, страны далекой…» (1827)

«Пловец» («Нелюдимо наше море…») (1829)

This series of posts relies on M. L. Gasparov’s Очерк истории русского стиха, 2nd ed. (Moscow, 2002), and its main purpose is to make it convenient to see his example poems.

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