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January 21, 2010

This post has been moved to a separate page, which will be updated. The original post is below.

Библиотека для чтения

Вестник Европы

Дело (the list includes issues of several journals with the same title)

Журнал министерства народного просвещения


Московский вестник (not found)

Отечественные записки

Русская беседа

Русская мысль

Русская старина

Русский архив

Русский вестник

Русское богатство

Русское слово

Северные цветы (as of 2/1/10, no preview available of any year)


Сын отечества

Телескоп issues 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16

How to find nineteenth-century Russian journals online

More and more old journals are available through Google Books and other services that digitize works in the public domain.  It is also getting easier to search for them, but as of early 2010 it still takes a little effort.  For that reason I’m making a list of links to Google’s lists of all issues of a given title digitized so far.

If you find any broken links or want a title added, please leave a comment.

General tips:

  1. Google Books searches work better, as of today, if you use the old orthography: бесѣда, not беседа.
  2. It may be easier to search for text within a volume instead of for a journal title when possible.
  3. Once you find one issue of the journal you’re looking for, click “overview” in the upper left (or “about this book” in the list of search results), scroll down, and look for “other editions.”
  4. From the “overview” page, you can often find other useful journal titles under “related books.”

Other tips are welcome!

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